Remember when 'Who Shot Mister Burns?' was the water cooler moment of '95? Revisit the Golden Age at The Simpsons Pub Quiz; The First 7 Seasons, Monday April 24 @ 7pm in Wayla Bar's back lounge.


Categories Include:

Last Exit to Springfield

Dental Plan and other stellar plot lines

Don't have a cow, Man!

From Mr. Burns and Mole Man to Edna and Mrs. Krabbapel

Cameos and Behind-the-Scenes

Visual Round


Other quizzical details:
- $5/person to play OR $2 if you share a link to this event page on your news feed at least 2 days in advance
- This is a team event. You can have a maximum of 5 people on your team
- Prizes for every category

- Shout out to best team name
- Cellphones forbidden

- Come early for pre-drinks with Carl 'cause "Alcohol; the cause and solution to all of life's problems."